Forever Peaches provides another great way to enjoy 84.5% stabilized Aloe Vera with  a touch of natural peach puree.  A taste sensation like no other, it contains pure stabilized inner leaf Aloe Vera, with a delightful taste of sun-ripened peaches.

For centuries, people all around the world have used Aloe Vera for it’s health benefits.  The addition of peaches provides carotenoids, valuable as antioxidants and for maintaining the proper function of the immune system. Aloe Peaches offers many helpful ingredients all packed into a great tasting drink.  Pour over ice or mix with fruit juice, and enjoy the delightful taste of nature’s aloe vera bounty any time of the day.

  • All the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel
  • Refreshing fruity taste
  • Children love it  
Aloe  Peaches contains stabilized inner leaf Aloe Vera Gel, Fructose, natural peach puree ,Sorbitol, Ascorbic Acid (antioxidant), citric acid,  and other ingredients.


Contents: 1 Litre – Shake well and refrigerate after openingconsume within 30 days
Suggested serving:
Children 15 mls twice a day
Adults 30 mls twice a day


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Forever Aloe Peaches