F15 offers a personalized approach to looking better and feeling better. Choose a fitness level that helps you achieve your goals and puts you on the path to permanent change.

There are many variables that can affect your ability to look good and feel better – learning what they are and how to use them to your advantage is half the battle.  FIT 15 will teach you about food and exercise and provide the knowledge you need.

FIT 15 has 3 different levels and quite honestly if you are not serious or self disciplined about changing your shape and weight you should not use this program.  On the other hand people who have been serious have come through the program – almost as a metamorphosis! You will find booklets within the combo which detail your  menus,  required exercises and when to do them, recipes for the shakes, suggestions for breakfasts lunches and dinners.

New to fitness and nutrition? Start with F15 Beginner 1 & 2 to learn the basics and get the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition down before continuing on your journey.

Already moderately active? Jump ahead to F15 Intermediate 1 & 2 to continue what you’re doing and complement your lifestyle!

Already very active? Then, jump right into F15 Advanced 1 & 2 to create greater muscle definition and take your fitness to a whole new level.

Getting started means taking measurements! Setting goals! Recording your calories! Drinking water! Cutting down on the Salt! Avoiding sodas and carbonated beverages! 

What the combo contains:

  • 2 x Forever Aloe Vera Gel (1 litre bottles)
  • 1 x Pouch Forever Lite Ultra Shake Mix
  • 30 x Forever Therm Tablets
  • 90 x Garcinia Plus soft gels
  • 15 x packs of Forever Fibre
  • 1x Tape Measure
  • 1x FIT Shaker
  • 3x Instruction Booklets

Note when you order at the Aloe Store you will have a choice of either Vanilla or Chocolate Shake.


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