Not only designed to give the new distributor a good start with the most popular and fast selling products – but also a great way for new customers to experience the quality of our wonderful range of products.


Great value for money, giving you a selection of popular products at a discounted price, rather than buying them individually. This combo also contains a literature pack and equals 2 cc for the new distributor.

Fast Start Combo Pack contains:

2 x Aloe Vera Gel 2 x Aloe Moisturizing Lotion
2 x Aloe Berry Nectar 2 x Aloe Hand Soap
1 x Forever Freedom 2 x Aloe Heat Lotion
2 x Aloe Propolis Crème 2 x Ever-shield Deodorant
2 x Aloe Vera Gelly 1 x Aloe Jojoba Shampoo
2 x Aloe Lotion 1 x Aloe Jojoba Conditioner
1 x Aloe Bits n Peaches 2x Artic Sea Super Omega-3


Should you wish to become a distributor, this is one of the ideal starter kits and you will receive a 15% discount on the price (South Africa) once the application is completed. Email us for more details




Fast Start Combo – South Africa Only