More than skin deep” is Forever Aloe Scrub.  With it’s unique combination of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, and solid micro-spheres made from pure Jojoba Oil, this effective skin cleanser is gentle enough for every day use and strong enough to clear the debris that accumulates in the delicate pores of the skin.

In combination, these two natural substances will clear the way for the skin’s own unique renewal process, while helping  to protect it from the drying and damaging effects of synthetic cleansers.

Forever Aloe Scrub gently scrubs away dead skin cells and debris that clog pores and dull the skin’s appearance, to begin revealing radiant “new”, healthier skin.


Contents: 99gr
Suggested Use: Apply to wet face or body and gently massage with fingertips (carefully avoiding the eyes) for two to three minutes using circular motion.  Add more water as needed then rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean soft cloth.

Forever Aloe Scrub contains stabilized aloe vera gel, water, hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and other ingredients.



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Forever Aloe Scrub
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