Most days are harder than others when it comes to consuming enough fruit and vegetables … especially if you are working.  It is much easier to to reach for food on the go and in most cases food on the go has little nutritional benefit. If your lifestyle is getting in the way of your diet, you can still get a powerhouse of plant based superfoods anytime, anywhere with Forever’s Supergreens™.

Each serving (1 packet of 4.4g) contains an ideal blend of Aloe and over 20 fruits and vegetables.  Mixed with water or fruit juice it has a great taste and delivers key nutrients and antioxidant power to help your body’s natural defenses and keep you performing at your peak.

Alkalizing green veggies like spinach, kale and broccoli ramp up performance by supporting a health pH balance which is vital for many of the body’s functions. Goji berries support healthy immunity while green tea and kale are natural metabolism kick-starters. Barley grass promotes healthy cholesterol levels while Aloe supports  healthy digestion, natural energy and nutrient absorption.

Add to this grape seed, spirulina and magnesium for muscle strength, endurance and healthy circulation it is a product that should always be in the gym bag. Of course magnesium plays a important role in post work-out and muscle recovery.

Contents : Box consists of 30 x 4.4g sachets     Suggested Use: 1 sachet per day is the recommended serving.


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