As a razor blade moves across your skin, it can cause nicks, scratches or “razor-burn” leaving your skin irritated and dry.  Pamper and soothe your skin with the moisture of  Gentlemen’s Pride, an alcohol- free aftershave and a clean, masculine scent.   Feel the icy exhilaration of this unique blend of Aloe Vera, lubricants and moisturizers.

In the form of a smooth, silky lotion, it doubles as a skin conditioner and replenishes the skin after shaving.  The Aloe Vera, mixed with special conditioners, such as Rosemary and Chammomile, helps to gently soothe the skin. This really is a great product for men.

Men will love the fresh, clean feel of Gentlemen’s Pride, and ladies, you will love it’s unique, masculine fragrance!

Contents: 111.8mls
Suggested use: Apply to face (or legs for ladies) after shaving to prevent / soothe razor rash & burns


Gentleman’s Pride Aftershave contains Contains 100% pure stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, Rosemary and Chamomile Extracts, palmitate, glycerol stearate, ascorbic acid, allantoin, nobilis flower extract and other ingredients. .


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Gentleman’s Pride Aftershave and Conditioner
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