The Touch of Forever Combo Pack is designed for new distributors as a starter business pack as the products contained therein are further discounted and includes a Literature Pack as well.  Not only is it a great start up pack containing all the tools needed,  it is also a great way for a family to purchase their nutritional supplements, Aloe Vera drinks and Aloe Vera skin care, beauty and grooming products.

The selection of products will give the new distributor the opportunity to discover for themselves the tremendous variety in the Forever Living Nutritional supplements and Aloe Vera Products range.


Each Touch of Forever Combo Pack Contains:

1x Aloe Vera Drinking Gel 1x Aloe Berry Nectar
1x Forever Lite Vanilla Shake 1x Aloe Hand Soap
1x Aloe First Spray 1x Aloe Heat Lotion
1x Aloe Propolis Crème 1x Ever-shield Deodorant
1x Aloe Activator 1x Gentlemen’s Pride
1x Aloe Vera Gelly 1x Aloe Jojoba Shampoo
1x Aloe Lotion 1x Aloe Jojoba Conditioner
1x Aloe Moisturizing Lotion 1x Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea
1x Nature Min Tablets 1x Forever Bright Toothpaste
1x Artic Sea Super Omega 3 1x Gin Chia Tablets
1x Absorbent C Tablets 1x Forever Kids Multivitamins
1x Garlic & Thyme Capsules 1x Bee Pollen Tablets
1x Royal Jelly Tablets 1x Bee Propolis Tablets
1x Gingko Plus Tablets 1x Aloe Lips Balm
1x Fields of Green 1x Literature Pack


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Touch of Forever
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